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CWST offers a physically and psychologically safe space for learning, free of bias and ´╗┐discrimination of any sort. We respectfully accept the differences of opinions, views, values and beliefs for all our clients.

CWST will not tolerate, nor accept any act of public or private ill treatment, deliberate or indeliberate act of disrespect or unnecessary aggression towards our staff, instructors, consultants, or other clients sharing space at any time.

The staff at CWST believe we all work better together and have so much more to gain where we bring our best version of ourselves forward to our peers. Respect is a key component in our corporate values.

CWST staff have been reminded of their duty to report any incident where they feel negative behaviors or misconduct was occurring, and that disrupted a learning experience/ crossed a professional line between our classroom or consulting clients. In the interest of maintaining a respectful classroom environment, the instructor has been offered full authorization to discuss concerning behaviors, remove or request a leave for participants who are unable to co-operate in helping us maintain a pro-learning environment.

Please join us in continuing to make our learning experiences positive´╗┐, and keeping our interactions both mindful and and respectful of each other.

A full copy of our 2022 Workplace Harassment/ Workplace Violence Policy is available in our facilities and may also be provided on request.´╗┐

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