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Our new addition, Donavan Priebe, Trainer, Training Co-Ordinator -- May 5, 2023

Training is delicate business.

Finding candidates who possess the skillsets, education and adaptability to changing workforces and classrooms is difficult. The work is not for everyone, its not a skill that can be easily learned, but one that constantly evolves over time. In many cases the approach to training adults is misunderstood and during the course of a day, many challenges present themselves, and a certain disposition requiring professionalism and experience needs to prevail to succeed.

Donavan Priebe has spent much of his career in industrial and construction, including working overseas as a contractor for hire. He has ten years of experience with fall protection and working at heights applications, and the fantastic reviews we're getting back from our clients stating his "passion and energy" is what "keeps the class light and educational at the same time" is a tribute to his approach to connecting well with learners and making sure no question goes unanswered.

He's been exceptional with his approach to learning a new program and has taken the initiative to continue to learn and grow, sharing experiences and taking challenges our clients throw at him with courtesy and professionalism.

The training business has always been a challenge, as the person standing in front of the room is a direct representation of your organization. Finding competent trainers with a humble disposition is very challenging as the role requires an "A" type personality to some extent. As an employer, a critical component of our business is choosing the right candidate to represent your company. In the first month, he's caught on very quickly and committed himself to becoming better each session he offers on our behalf. 

We're proud to have him on your team and please expect to meet him soon if you're coming in for Working at Heights, Platform, Awareness or Fall Protection!! Please take a few minutes and get to know him, he's a great guy! 

Until next time, work smart, stay safe and stay strong.

Craig Nicholson, COHS, DOHS

Director, Construction Workplace Safety Training Limited

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