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Heavy Equipment and Commercial Driver Evaluations´╗┐

Safe Operators. Safe Drivers. Due Diligence. Smart hiring process.

Hiring the right candidate in any company is always difficult, even before considering operator ability. The challenges of balancing client demands and running your operation while hiring can be overwhelming and a drain on your time resource. 

Let us come to your facility and see how our easygoing approach with your fleet or operators helps steer them back on track and keeps them focused in their lane. We're proud to be part of your winning combination to see your new hires and teams Build With Safety.

´╗┐ Our experience in the operation of heavy equipment comes from previous experiences with municipalities, landscaping, and right from the sales desk of CAT(c) / TOROMONT.

Our transportation experience stems from 20 years of being involved in cross-border and local, "for hire" carriage of goods involving: flat-deck, dry van, heavy equipment floating, dump applications, air brakes, inspections, heated freight, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Waste Haulage, and more.

Our driver/operator evaluations* are easy to understand, provide ´╗┐operator due diligence and are value-added in the event the Ministry of Transportation indicates an audit may be pending. Call us today to find out more about our Commercial Transportation Program.

*Evaluations are a minimum of 2 hours per operator. Travel charges to your location may apply.

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