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Build With Safety continues to offer the most relevant and applicable safety training courses in industrial, transportation, municipal, and construction applications. After all, its what established our reputation as Barrie's first authentic construction training provider.

Our commitment to uphold the highest standard of safety, training and information won’t be compromised in our classrooms with our students, on-site with our clients, or in our facilities with the equipment we offer for use.

Our entire staff is dedicated to ensuring we maintain the highest standard of safety in educational programs, and that current information flows between sites and classrooms to create a cohesive experience. 

All of our courses have been built using applications and approaches that incorporate adult learning principles with the intent to keep learners engaged through discussion, case study exploration, and use of workplace experiences. It’s amazing what happens when we share our experiences and solve problems together.

For any concerns or comments about our courses or content, please feel free to reach out to us! 877.738.9178       

We will do our best to return your email or call within 48 hours.

Learning Accommodations

Classrooms for adults can be intimidating, and the thought of entering a classroom with challenges like English as a second language, illiteracy, dyslexia, and limited education increase anxiety in adult learners. This anxiety can diminish someone’s ability to truly grasp the key concepts they need to retain.

Our trainers and our resources are available to make this process easier, which means its okay to let us know how we can help make this less painful and anxious for you. Contact us to let us know how we can make your experience smooth and hassle free.

We encourage our clients who have any barriers to reach out ahead of time so we can consider all options, arrange a more private session better suited for you or your group, or suggest a date and time that would better suit the learner. 

Development Series


This new safety leadership series is premium content, offered on behalf of CWST to its clients once every six months in the effort to dive deeper into health and safety topics that challenge organizations at a professional level.

We bring in industry experts from CSA, the Ministry of Labor, Immigration, Training, Skills Development, The Ministry of Transportation, and more, to work with us in offering key deliverables in helping you manage the current mental health crisis, opioids and addiction, safety leadership, trauma following an incident, and accident investigation. Our scheduled format may extend over a single day,  or over a multiple day offering a deeper understanding in these premium subjects.

These events are most suited for the ownership and C-Suite of organizations, as well as JHSC members, Health and Safety Reps, Management delegates and health and safety coordinators. The program has limited for seat space and will take place every 6 months. Call us for more information, take advantage of the depth of knowledge and experience we offer to help you improve your corporate, or site health and safety initiatives.


Training Dates

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Learn together. Grow together. Be safe together.

More trainees? Multiple courses and larger groups?

Speak with us about taking advantage of multi-day training sessions for your workforce and find out how we can help accommodate training specific to your organization's unique needs! For groups larger than 20, please reach out to us for a quote.

Please note that Platinum Professional Development Series Workshops, JHSC Certification and Working at Heights are unable to be discounted.

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