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Confined Space

This full day awareness course* is available at CWST or at the clients location offsite. The price is $185 pp.

Minimum class sizes are 5 participants, and in the event enrollment minimums aren't achieved, the next available dates will be offered to clients. 

Confined Space is one of the most dangerous and complex environments in the industrial, construction, oil and gas, marine and transportation sectors. Many causes for fatality are due to inability to recognize or define confined spaces on job sites, for having lack of process in place for permitting entry, rescue or having a program detailing the means in how workers will be protected from the environment where they perform work.

This course is designed to bring awareness of the hazards and real dangers to organizations and their workers. It starts with understanding how to identify confined spaces and works through the organizational obligations to protect workers and the parties responsible for ensuring safe work exists. We walk through real life case studies, using video clips to enhance learning objectives and stimulating conversation to better understand what safe work in these spaces looks like, and what crews should recognize as extremely hazardous when being asked to perform work in spaces where environments may be causal in serious injury or fatality.

Certification is valid for three years from date of issue.

*This course discusses rescue types, it does not physically perform any rescue procedures. The content is intended to serve as awareness only. Employers are required to produce programs relevant to their industrial climate and demonstrate due diligence through offering records of training their employees.

Upon successful completion of Confined Space, the learner will:

  • Articulate the definition of confined and restricted space 
  • Locate and be familiar with legislation relative to Confined Space Entry
  • Understand the legal requirements for employers
  • Identify and describe hazards related to confined spaces  
  • PPE Strategies 
  • Be familiar with the components of a Confined Space Program, Entry Plan, and roles of the entry team
  • Understand the requirement for air quality monitoring, ventilation techniques, purging and inerting a space
  • Be able to describe rescue types, rescue team members and procedures 

Construction Workplace Safety Training Ltd. will issue a wallet card to successful participants.

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What people are saying about this course:

"Discussions on case studies and personal experiences were very good and helped me understand how to apply training principals" -- August 8, 2023

"Very satisfied with the high quality of training given. Instructor was competent and provided many applicable workplace examples to allow learners to apply their understanding in real time" -- August 8, 2023

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