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Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP)

Training can be completed on or offsite from Construction Workplace Safety Training Limited. 

Minimum class sizes are 5 participants, and in the event enrollment minimums aren't achieved, the next available dates will be offered to clients. 

Course Prerequisites:        

Participants enrolling in this course are required to bring CSA Approved work boots/ work shoes, and offer proof of valid Fall Protection (industrial) or valid CPO approved training in Working at Heights (construction based fall protection).

This program covers both Group A (Scissor Lift) and B (Articulated/ boom) platform equipment.

Full day courses offer new users a comprehensive review of operating principles, inspection, physics and hazards of MEWP's. This course allows for more time in operation to become more familiar with the equipment and actively participating in practical operation. Course price is $185pp

Half day courses offer the experienced user a refresher focusing on inspections, physics, safe operating practices. This course has limited equipment operation time. Course Price is $160pp.

Certification is valid for three years from date of issue.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will:

  • Be familiar with organizational responsibilities in the workplace relative to platform equipment
  • Identify provincial regulations, standards and other information that govern platform use 
  • Articulate the differences between the equipment groups and their applications
  • Discuss equipment physics, selection, use and offloading practices
  • Describe equipment hazards relevant to the work performed
  • Complete an equipment inspection on critical components
  • Communicate best practice safe operation 
  • Demonstrate theory knowledge in a written test
  • Complete a practical evaluation while operating the equipment

All equipment courses include a theory evaluation, inspection component and practical demonstration evaluation 

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Mobile Elevated Work Platform

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What people are saying about this course:

" Very informative and engaging!" -- CV, March 3, 2023, Comco Industries

"Great instructor!" -- AG, March 3, 2023, Torella Pumbing

"Great content, true to life with great examples!" -- FD, March 3, 2023, Cavalry Contracting

"In about 10 years of Health and Safety professional work, this course (Mobile Elevated Work Platform, New User), along with Working at Heights, are some of the best safety focused - operator training I have ever taken." -- JML, August 24, 2023, HSE Manager, Canadian Base Operators

"Amazing Walk through, very good teaching and importance of info and equipment. Craig and Donavan are perfect teachers to get you where you need to be & ready for work" -- JP, August 24, 2023, CBO

"Exceptional trainer, gave real world examples and information that pertains to ethics and safety that you cannot find in books or manuals" -- September 13, 2023

"Craig was very thorough about the material and I fell like I gained and learned a lot more than I anticipated beforehand. He clearly places a high value on ensuring we understand the risks of the work we'll be doing. Overall I couldn't recommend CWST enough" -- CM, September 20, 20233, Universal Integrated Solutions

What I thought to be a simple operation course was much more than that. I'm leaving with full confidence that I can not only utilize this equipment, but also that I can do so as safely as possible" -- JS, September 20, 2023, Canadian Base Operators

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