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Stilts Safety

This 1/2 day course can be offered onsite at CWST or off-site at the client location. The cost is $150pp

Minimum class sizes are 5 participants, and in the event enrollment minimums aren't achieved, the next available dates will be offered to clients. 

Stilts are only permitted to be used by drywallers, and when labor is installing insulation or vapor barriers.

This course includes a theory evaluation, inspection and practical demonstration. Certification awarded on successful completion of all three components, certificate valid for 3 years.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will:

  • Identify regulations governing stilts use from Ontario Regulation 213/91
  • Identify critical components & identify any defects that would see stilts removed from service
  • Properly fit & adjust stilts for safe use
  • Demonstrate proper don and doffing 
  • Walk and perform typical work tasks
  • Safely dismount and store
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Stilts Safety

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What people are saying about this course:

"Craig was very thorough with teaching and sharing overall knowledge. I will continue to use this throughout my career! Thank You!" -- Inzane Interiors, March 15, 2023 (Drywall)

"Great course, loved the pace" -- Inzane Interiors, March 15, 2023 (Drywall)

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