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Suspended Swing Stage Training

The full day swing stage user course is scheduled at CWST facilities and where possible, client locations.

The cost is $400pp

This course starts at 8AM and concludes at 4PM in Unit 9 at the Barrie CWST location.

Minimum class sizes are 6 participants, and in the event enrollment minimums aren't achieved, the next available dates will be offered to clients. 


All participants are required to have valid working at heights certification for review before taking the course. We encourage learners to bring their own harnesses for the course, however we are able to supply 

Can't find your working at heights card? Try logging into skillspass or checking with the working at heights inquiry line. The WAH inquiry line can be reached at 1-877-202-0008 or by e-mail using to obtain your working at heights information. 

All participants are required to wear appropriate working footwear during practical operation of the equipment on the unit floor. Open toe shoes and sandals are not permitted to be worn at any time while equipment is in operation.

Certification valid for three years from date of issue.

Swing stages are used for renovations, installations, painting, wind turbine servicing, masonry, window washing and glazier applications. One of the most dangerous activities in construction while working over a hundred feet off the ground or more at times, come and see how our course enhances your understanding of hazards, the necessity of inspection of critical components, roof plans and anchorage and so much more in the spirit of keeping workers safe while using this equipment.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will:

  • ​Become familiar with regulations guiding the safe use of suspended access systems in industry
  • Identify fall hazard potential when using suspended access systems
  • Demonstrate selection, inspection, donning and doffing of PPE used during suspended access use
  • Identify and describe usage of fixed supports
  • Articulate suspended access components, functions and limitations of tiebacks and operational controls
  • Be familiar with understanding the purpose of roof/ work plans and location of fixed supports
  • Demonstrate load limits for suspended systems
  • Describe rigging procedures and variable types of knots
  • Complete an inspection and identify critical components used on the system
  • Operating the control of the Suspended Work Platform
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What people are saying about this course:

"Really appreciated that attention was given to myself since I was the only one that wasn't doing Day 2 of the course. The engineering-specific examples were great. I felt included and the pacing was perfect. Amazing course & instructor" -- IA, June 22, 2023, Edison Engineers

"Covered all and everything possible. Great class and trainer" - June 23, 2023

Corey was great! The hands-on approach in the stages was very helpful - July 20, 2023

"Great course! Well done! Corey was awesome" -- August 25, 2023

"Great teaching, excellent hands on training" -- August 25, 2023

"Great instructor. Engaging and practical course on site safety" -- August 25, 2023

Everything is smooth and perfect. No change needed"--November 3, 2023

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