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Workplace Harassment and Violence Awareness

This half day course is available at CWST facilities or client locations. The price is $150pp

Minimum class sizes are 5 participants, and in the event enrollment minimums aren't achieved, the next available dates will be offered to clients. 

Do you truly know the difference between harassment and violence in a workplace and how it can negatively affect your bottom line? Did you know that most people really don't, but they DO know when something isn't right. If you dont, this may be the course you need to help you understand how your coworkers' communication and conduct may actually influence your productivity.

Consider how the morale and climate of some workplaces may actually drive away talent and minimize the opportunity for retaining top producers. We use some great video resources that represent how simple, indeliberate things we do every day can escalate, be considered demeaning behavior and invent/ introduce conflict.

The approximate combined costs for employers not having a program and following that program are nearly $10,000 if the Ministry of Labor, Immigration, Training, Skills Development identify you need a program and an event leads to a lost time injury or worse, a fatality in the workplace. 

Come learn how to differentiate between/ define Harassment and Violence, the components needed to remain in compliance with Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act. 

Certification for this course is valid three years from date of issue.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will:

  • Understand the legislation that requires employers to have a harassment program and policy in place
  • Properly define, through explanation the difference between harassment and violence
  • Be able to discuss bullying, its origins and its varying trademarks/ characteristics
  • Understand the financial losses associated with tolerating misconduct and unprofessional behavior in workplaces
  • Identify the components in a basic investigation and the repercussions for not investigating worker concerns 
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Workplace Harassment and Violence Awareness

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