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There is no such thing as a forklift license! Please review "Key Info About Forklift Training"

This course is only available offsite at the client location. We feel training your employees on the equipment they operate regularly is a more practical and effective means of achieving stronger results.

Minimum class sizes are 5 participants.

Not sure what class forklift you operate? See the photos below!

Full Day "New Operator" courses are 8 hours offered at the client location for $185pp.
Half Day "Refresher" courses are 4 hours offered at the client location for $160pp.

Operator Practical Evaluations only: $75.00pp, minimum of 4 participants / $300 for 4 hours.This offer in effect at client location only. Does not certify the operator, and serves as due diligence that the operator's skill sets have been reviewed. 

Our forklift training programs have been generated using the CSA Standard B335 and includes the elements of competency based on the definition from the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations. They include a theory evaluation, inspection component and a practical test to ensure competency when the learner leaves the session. 

Certification valid for three years from date of issue.

Upon successful course completion, the learner will:

  • Be familiar with legislation around forklifts
  • Be able to properly identify the class of forklifts they operate 
  • Identify and communicate 5 hazards while operating a forklift
  • Understand the refueling hazards and best practice when refueling propane or electrical powered equipment
  • Correctly identify the components of a forklift by classification during inspection
  • Identify the physics that occur during operation
  • Describe safe loading and unloading practices
  • Demonstrate their understanding through a theory evaluation
  • Demonstrate their practical skill through inspection and operator evaluation

What people are saying about this course:

*Best instructor I could ask for* -- JN, Power Store, 1/27/23

*Very informative, was very welcoming, and made me comfortable asking questions and explaining the course* -- DP, Keen Custom, 4/17/23

*Very comfortable class, and instructor was very knowledgeable. Thank you!* -- IM, Gentem Inc., 4/17/23

*Very informative and accommodating* -- WB, Gentem Inc., 4/17/23

*Very informative session, lots of helpful knowledge received. Craig is a great instructor.* --NM, Gemtem Inc., 4/17/23

*Great Instructor, Craig Nicholson* -- GS, Solar Power Store, 4/17/23


We are able to train 6 of them, each has its own unique limitations and safe operating practices.

To make it easier when contacting us to book the right training course for you, we have provided examples of each class of forklift in the photos below:

Class 1

Forklift, indoor, sit-down battery powered

Class 1

Standup, indoor "Dock Stocker"

Class 2

Order Picker*

*requires additional valid fall protection training.

Class 2

Turret Truck

Class 2


Class 2

Pallet Stacker

Class 3

Powered "Walkie"

Class 3

"Double Walkie"

Class 4

Indoor/outdoor us, propane powered, solid tires

Class 5

Indoor/outdoor use, pneumatic tires, propane or diesel powered

Class 7 Telehandler

Outdoor, heavy duty/ rough terrain, propane/ diesel powered

Class 5 Moffatt

Outdoor, heavy duty/ rough terrain, propane/ diesel powered

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