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Why Hire CWST as your Health and Safety Consultant?

Aside from our practical experience on site, in the truck or as an operator, our professional development through accredited institutions across Canada qualifies us to develop, manage or maintain a decent Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS). We practice and assist our clients with advanced knowledge of health and safety in topics and approach as each client needs are specific. 

This advanced knowledge and education earned has been proudly earned through the University of Fredericton, University of New Brunswick and Humber College, The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering. 

CWST saves you time by assisting you in helping manage your costs associated with addressing challenges unfamiliar to many business owners and employers across the country.

CWST is flexible with its approach in partnering with you to achieve your customized program needs. We can reach an agreement to be on site as often as you like at competitive pricing for longer term contracts or to serve short term needs

CWST has a wide scope of experience in the Construction, Industrial and Transportation fields that help us address challenges specific to an industry, and a toolbox full of suggestions to help your teams stay safe and remain in compliance. 

CWST is cost efficient. Hiring unqualified or dis-interested staff into a health and safety role is risky and expensive. We can be brought in to professionally adjust your program, assist with training, audit your sites to help you understand how much your business is costing you in health and safety annually. Do you know what health and safety costs your company annually? If you don't, call us now to help you understand the business case behind health and safety.

CWST trainers and consultants are people oriented. Its part of who we are, and part of what we're proud of. the principles behind successful partnerships is trust, integrity, honesty, respect and fairness. 

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