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Time Sensitive Support

The time frame immediately following a worker's critical injury or fatality is extremely sensitive. With many moving parts and emotions running high while the incident unfolds, it's easy to misstep and unknowingly expose your organization's shortcomings or put yourself in a difficult position.

CWST is able to assist employers with Workplace Harassment, Workplace Bullying and Violence investigations as a 3rd party. Find out how our impartial approaches can help you identify gaps in your program or policy, as well as offering practical approaches in conflict resolution and solutions for eliminating recurrence.

We openly support and assist our clients with managing the difficult circumstances they're faced with, and the diversity of our portfolio has offered us invaluable experience as each event is unique in many industries.

´╗┐Don't wait to call on us if you experience a critical injury or fatality on site. 

Call CWST at 877.738.9178´╗┐ for support today.

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