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Working at Heights Training´╗┐

This Ontario CPO approved course is designed for the trades who work in the construction industry on construction projects, or may be a requirement for contractors who will be present on construction projects.

The maximum class size for this course is 12 participants´╗┐ in any location.

The legislation within the course content may not be applicable for all types of industries. The applications of this course relate to swing stages, roofers, mobile elevated work platforms, boatswains chairs, certain scaffolding erections and any other applications where a worker on a construction site may be exposed to a fall of more than 10 feet or three meters.

The training standard has been introduced as a minimum level of protection to help all workers in construction or working on construction sites understand and identify fall hazards when working at height.

The new Working at Heights Standard is expected to be introduced sometime in 2023 with updated course information and learning outcomes for participants.

Be aware the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training, Skills and Development (MLITSD) inspectors may request your proof of training, either through accessing your Skillspass account or providing them your card. Not having this certification on your person may see you removed from site or ticketed. Supervisors may receive a ticket for each of the workers not wearing Fall protection or being protected from a fall on site. 

Cant find your training card or learner ID to register for refresher training? Call the MLITSD at  1.877.202.0008´╗┐

Is working at heights training mandatory in Ontario?

Yes, working at heights training is mandatory in Ontario when you work in construction or will be working on a construction site. The program that you choose for working at heights to be valid must:

  • Be provided by a training facility that has been approved by Chief Prevention Officer
  • The course material and deliverance has been approved by the Chief Prevention Officer
  • Be completed before any working at heights or working on job sites that require WAH (working at heights)s &

Training requirements for working at heights are set out in O. Reg. 297/13: Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training and other information can be located in O. Reg 213/91Section 26 of the Construction Regulations.

Digital Records of Training

You will receive a plastic card from Build With Safety indicating your Instructors name, date of expiry or issue, the CWST Provider number on it when your training is completed successfully.

For newly trained workers in the program, you will also receive an email notification requiring you to complete a personal profile which gives you a unique learner number that identifies you as being trained by an approved provider in the province of Ontario. 

This learner number you receive from the Ministry of Labor Training, Skills and Development is used to properly identify you through your year of birth, phone number and address to keep from someone assuming your identity or training. 

Log in to Skillspass when you move or when your phone number changes to make it easier to locate your training when you go to refresh your training in three years.

If you did your training with us, we can re-issue the card for non-expired training only.

If your training was not done through CWST, you need to contact the training provider you did the course with. 

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Working At Heights
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