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Forklift Training

CWST forklift training programs have been generated using the CSA Standard B335 and includes the elements of competency based on the definition from the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations. They include a theory evaluation, inspection component and a practical test to ensure competency when the learner leaves the session.  

The attachments used on your equipment may be specific to your business, so please let us know what you’re using before we arrive. Still not sure? Call us for more details or email

Client location, offsite training requirements

 Clients are obliged to know which class of forklift they operate when booking training at their facility, all participants are required to wear CSA approved safety footwear and any other PPE required by the employer. Please call us if you're still unsure of what your training needs are. 

Regardless of which class you own or operate, your equipment needs to contain these legible markings:

  • Data Capacity Plate offering maximum load for the equipment including fuel type and attachments permitted
  • A valid Annual Inspection Sticker completed by a trained and authorized, expiring ONE YEAR LESS A DAY from the date marked on the decal


All operators undertaking training with CWST will be required to be wearing PPE appropriate to the work environment and for equipment operated. CSA approved footwear is required for the operation of all equipment and where necessary, high visibility vests/ outdoor wear may be necessary. Construction Workplace Safety Training Limited reserves the right to disallow operators from participating in a practical evaluation for not having appropriate PPE.

Determining operator skill levels for course selection:

New Operator: 

Has operated equipment less than 80 hours per year. New operator courses are ideal for summer students, CO-OP placements, owners, managers, and supervisors in operations who don’t operate on a regular basis.

Experienced Operator: 

Operates daily/ multiple times a week, has operated more than 100 hours per year. Experienced courses are designed to refocus on inspection, theory and assessment of the operators safe operating practices. 

Available Courses

Forklift Class 1 - 5
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